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    Mhx lip sync tutorial???

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a good lip sync tutorial? I've never tried to use the new MHX lip sync tools and I'm wondering if that's a good route to take. I have a couple of weeks to animate a twenty minute conversation between 7 people.

    Thanks in advance. And, yes i do think I can have it done in time. If I have to I will use magic or possibly potions.
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    You can try using the face rig with Makehuman. You can move and animate the mouth controls. Personally, I prefer the MHX lip sync tools and have successfully used it for a short film project for Uni. It makes lip syncing a lot quicker.

    You can also try a tool called Papagayo from which takes voice data and creates mouth movement information and this can be imported into the MHX plugin but I've never really tried it.

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    Yes, Solowy's solution is the best way. You take your sound file, use Papagayo to create a .dat file. Load the .dat with the the lip sync tool that you import with your MHX rig and you're basically done.

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